Needed files

Septant needs heightmaps in the scenes/heightmaps directory. These are RAW files used to build the mesh. We currently don't give any heightmap.

Application launch

The ./septant application takes an XML (recent versions) file describing a given scene as an argument:

$ ./septant scenes/N4XE00X.xml

Commands when executing

The file conf/defaults.xml defines some parameters used on execution. One can change all keys assignments. Those are the default keys:

Key Function
Up arrow Move forward
Down arrow Move backward
Left arrow Strafe left
Right arrow Strafe right
1 (numeric keypad) Move up
0 (numeric keypad) Move down
t Slowly move forward
g Slowly move backward
f Slowly strafe left
h Slowly strafe right
u Slowly move up
j Slowly move down
q Activates/Deactivates wireframe rendering
w Activates/Deactivates shader use