First of all, you must download a proper heightmap, like the ones on this site.

Then there are 2 ways you can download this project: automatically launchable binaries or sources to compile the project yourself.


Precompiled binaries will soon be available here. For now, please compile from sources.


They are available on a GIT repository. You must get a git client on their official website.


Sources are now on your computer, you have to compile them. The compilation process needs the Autotools. We provide a script to launch them in the right order for generating files:

$ cd septant && ./

Once the files are created, you may launch the Makefile creation process with configure. This script can take --enable-gprof as an argument to activate the gprof support in the compiled binary.

$ ./configure [--enable-gprof] && make

When the compilation ends, the program can be launched with ./septant where the usage is explained on this page.